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"NULL" values in Address 2 field

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"NULL" values in Address 2 field


The user reported that they are experiencing an issue where accounts are being created and they should not have an Address 2 field populated, and in the UI it is not populated, but if you do a data source extract where Address2 is not null it is returning rows with and without visible values. In the extract CSV file, they see no characters either. This is causing an issue on callouts as they are sending full addresses to another system and they are receiving address2 as *NULL* even though it should be sending nothing. 



The Address2 field is blank when the contacts do not have the value updated for the field and that is the reason why NULL values are being passed for some of the customer accounts.


The behavior is by design, and the exported data was also as expected.
The data of is not null contains those whose address2 are not empty/blank( != ') and empty/blank string( = ''). is null means the value of the field address2 is NULL and not empty/blank string.

We suspect that those accounts whose address2 are NULL were created by an API, such as POST /v1/accounts. 


In order to have the Address2 field consistent or to avoid NULL, we recommend passing the field address2 with an empty string explicitly.

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