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Zuora TaxAmountRounding issue

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Zuora TaxAmountRounding issue

we are facing the following issue:

-Zuora currently calculates the taxes for each individual item by rounding up (taxation item).The overall tax value is the total of the individual tax items.

-The SDI requires that for each tax system, the total amount of taxes for an invoice must be consistent: if the sum of all the charge amount taxed at 22% is 100 (sum of N items), the tax amount must amount to exactly 22.

-Zuora, calculating the taxes for each item and rounding up, the total tax amount (sum of the rounded tax amounts of the N items) may be slightly different from 22. In these cases, the SDI rejects the document.

For invoices we have already solved the problem by enabling the "Redistribute Zuora Tax rounding differences" feature, but for credit memos it does not seem to work: for example credit memo: 2020-222-00000260 (attached file):
TAX AMOUNT in Zuora (rounded to 2 decimal places) = 26.40
TAX AMOUNT requested = 26.38

How can we solve this issue?