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Withhold the order amount in a credit card

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Withhold the order amount in a credit card

We need to implement the following use case:


  1. Customer makes an order for a one-time product that requires installation work and will be paid by credit card
  2. When the order is processed the amount of the order is withheld in the balance of the credit card.
  3. When the installation work finished the amount is released, the invoice generated and posted and the actual payment collected.

But Zuora Inc. told us that Zuora is not able to ask to the payment gateway to withhold an amount and release it later, only is able to collect the actual payment. Is there a possibility to do it in another way? A preauthorization is not enough to cover business need, as the money could have disappeared from the credit card balance between the preauthorization and the actual payment collection (mediterranean countries... y'all know). We need to actually withhold the amount in the card. Any idea?