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Why accounts picked up by billing, however, no invoice is produced.

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Why accounts picked up by billing, however, no invoice is produced.


BillRun BR-0000XXXX picked account 8a28828d6c750fdxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

However, no invoice is produced for that account through that BR on 12/01, so why is it picked up.
If we look at the subscriptions, nothing seems to have changed... so I'd need to understand why it was picked up?


 Looking into the bill run, the setting "Renewal Triggering" was set to TRUE. So, the bill run will not filter the account by Next Charge Date. And, it would pick up all active accounts.

The Accounts which are picked up in the bill run can be viewed under the 

Bill run Page --> 'Selected Customer Accounts' tab.


Basically the account which is being picked up in the bill run is based on the account's next charge date also known as NCD. And our rating and billing engine picks the account by comparing the next charge date and target date. This is the ultimate filter condition in the bill run.
Auto-renew also plays a special role in this. The system first checks whether the charges are renewable before checking NCD. That is, it will iterate all accounts if renew is on and use NCD to decide if the account is being picked for rating and billing processing or not.

This is for performance optimization, if the system processes every account every day and assuming it's only billable every month, it's a huge performance waste.

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