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What could be done if the loading of HPM iframe is slow?

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What could be done if the loading of HPM iframe is slow?

Based on different network conditions, the time spent on loading the HPM resources could be different and delay is as expected.


The best practice is to display some info to the end customers so it won't be considered as page stopped responding.


  1. add a mask on the page, with progress indicator
  2. load the iframe
  3. remove the mask and make the iframe be available to end-user when iframe is loaded.

To support this, there was an enhancement implemented with release R278 to support customer to speicify what the page should do when iframe loading is completed.


Sample code could be found here:


image (3).png

And please make sure the callback function be set beforeinvoking Z.render or Z.renderWithErrorHandler.

In the meantime, our engineering team is also looking at the possibilities to improve of the HPM loading performance and we will update this thread if there is any finding.


(Interntal Ticket: PAY-12418)

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