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ViewBy Subscription displaying Subscription Number multiple times

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ViewBy Subscription displaying Subscription Number multiple times


We want to display a table with subscription data on invoice.

The content of the template is «TableStart:Subscription»«TableFilter:ViewBy Subscription» «Subscription.SubscriptionNumber» «TableEnd:Subscription»


Subcription number is repeated whereas the statement “TableFilter:ViewBy Subscription" is used. We want subscription to appear only one time per subscription.

We do the preview with customer “A000000xx” , invoice : INV000000xx. 




Viewby Subscription is to get invoice summary by subscription, so we will group by the subscription id because amendment will generate a new version subscription, so the subscription id will be different(but the same subscription number), if you combine multiple amendment operations into one invoice, it will show multiple same subscription number in that table.


In this particular case, first a invoice is generated with Draft Status (from 8/5/2020 to 8/4/2021). Then amendment is created to update the quantity of the Subscription charge. Then another invoice is generated from from 9/5/2020 to 8/4/2021. In this case, both the charges are combined together in the same invoice. For the same invoice, you will see same subscription but for different versions.
Since line items are for different versions of the Subscription, when using "ViewBy Subscription" filter, we can see the same Subscription is printed twice in the PDF.

Even if we check at the Source of the Invoice, we can see two Bill Runs for the same invoice.





This is the product behavior/design.


In order to avoid this behavior, please post the first invoice before creating an Invoice for the amendment Subscription.

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