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Re: Use Case: Wire Transfer Fee per Invoice

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Use Case: Wire Transfer Fee per Invoice

We would like to set up our invoices for customers that pay via Wire Transfer Fees where we automatically charge them a flat fee per invoice.


We're currently solving this by using a Wire Transfer product as Recurring Charge per period. However, we would much rather recognize it as a one time charge, due to the fact that this product is then recognized as Zuora as MRR. We've tried setting up this product in the past as a One-Time charge, but it is only applied to the initial Invoice, and no further invoices after that.



Zuora support has proposed that if we want to use the one-time charge instead, that we have to manually amend the subscription each time we want the charge to be added to the invoice.


I'm hoping someone in the Zuora community has a better solution that this! Many thanks for any ideas!




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Re: Use Case: Wire Transfer Fee per Invoice

@dannyAppBuddy - Hey Danny,


Would you consider doing the wire-transfer free as a "usage" charge type? Usage doesn't count towards MRR and you can pre-emptively load the usage lines for the duration of the current subscription term so it will pick up on the invoices.


One thing to note is that usage charges are billed in arrears so after the fact...but then you could make that argument that the wire-transfer fee on the invoice is for the actual wire-transfer action that was rendered the previous month.


For example, if the subscription charges monthly starting September 1, 2017, you would get a wire-transfer free for the September period with the October invoices.


Not sure if other folks have solved this, but that's the only way I can think of to have the recurring aspect in there, have you recognize the revenue, and not have it necessarily hit the MRR number.

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