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Usage Rating in Real Time?

I'm very new to the Zuora community, and I come from the Oracle BRM world. In that world, it's very common to display for the user the current charges at any time in the month for their usage, say if there are overage charges. Since BRM rates each usage record as it is loaded (and attaches a charge), one can know at any time the exact amount a customer will be billed for any usage they have, without waiting for a biling run or invoice to be generated.


I've not been able to see any ability like that in Zuora so far. Or am I just looking in the wrong place? It seems that many companies would have that requirement, to show aggregated usage charges during the course of the billing period; how are others solving this if it's not an OOB capability?



Re: Usage Rating in Real Time?

@dlyon if the usage data is being uploaded periodically to Zuora, you should be able to use the billing preview API to see what the next billing run for the account would result in: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/DC_Developers/G_SOAP_API/E_SOAP_API_Calls/BillingPreview_call


For example, we upload our customer's usage data nightly to Zuora so that we can run previews and reports on usage from there.

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Re: Usage Rating in Real Time?

@feisley, Great thanks for that. I figured there had to be some way to get it. Much appreciated.

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Re: Usage Rating in Real Time?

Hi all,


Quick update on this topic, another solution is to make a API Call of the method : 


The same method exists at account level.

To have access to this method, you need to have Real Time Rating enabled.


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Re: Usage Rating in Real Time?

I need to insert custom field that I have created on the Usage object and that I have enabled through the Real Time Usage Rating.
How can I acccomplish that?

Thank you