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Updating Billing Periods

We have a lot of customers who start on quarterly payments and later switch to monthly, and the reverse situation as well.  Is there a way to update the Billing Period through a single amendment, rather than having to create an amendment to remove every product, and then re-add the products back in with the updated billing period(s)?


Re: Updating Billing Periods

Morning @jhook, it is not possible to update the billing period on the RatePlanCharge once it is added to a subscription.  Unfortunatly the only way to change the billing perod is by Removing and Adding the product which you already know.


I looked through the idea section for Subscriptions and found this post.  https://community.zuora.com/t5/Billing-Payment-Ideas/Ability-to-update-the-Billing-Period-on-RatePla... You might want to add your use case to this post or create your own post in the idea section.


We have also expressed frustration in not being able to modify the Billing Period with an UpdateProduct amendment.


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Re: Updating Billing Periods

Thanks! I added a comment under the other post, and voted for it. Hopefully it gets more attention.  Would be such a time saver.