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Update - PUT /settings/billing-rules API fails

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Update - PUT /settings/billing-rules API fails

Problem: The customer trying to update the below billing-rules settings using the setting API.

the request:

  "daysInMonth": "UseActualDays",
  "prorationUnit": "ProrateByDay",
  "taxAddressOwner": "SubscriptionOwner",
  "includeChildUsage": true,
  "oneTimeCreditBack": false,
  "timeOfDailyInvoice": 0,
  "takeContactSnapshot": false,
  "taxRateChangeOption": "OneTaxItem",
  "allowAutoPostBillRun": false,
  "invoicePastEndOfTerm": false,
  "recurringChargeStyle": "Advanced",
  "preGenerateInvoicePdf": false,
  "rateUsageIndividually": false,
  "includeNegativeInvoice": true,
  "notSendZeroItemsForTax": false,
  "taxInclusiveRoundingRule": "RoundingNetAmount",
  "prorateUsageWeeklyCharges": false,
  "transactionOnSubscription": true,
  "billToTermEndWhenAutoRenew": true,
  "prorateUsageMonthlyCharges": false,
  "autoPostBillRunDefaultValue": false,
  "legalDocumentGeneratingRule": "GroupbyChargedAmountSign",
  "prorateRecurringWeeklyCharges": true,
  "prorateRecurringMonthlyCharges": true,
  "zuoraTaxRoundingDiffDispersion": false,
  "availableToCreditValidationLevel": "HeaderLevel"

The response:

  "remoteHttpStatus": 403,
  "messages": [
    "{\"error\":\"403 Forbidden\",\"processId\":\"E63B515E0356E619\",\"message\":\"security.error.noPermission\"}"

Solution: To update the Billing Settings using the REST API PUT call(/settings/billing-rules) you need to have all T9 permission to be enabled before, Since the customer has passed the T9 settings in payload if this setting is missed, possibly get the error mentioned "security.error.noPermission".

Check all the T9 settings before updating them. Document: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/Central_Platform/API/BB_C_Settings_API/Settings_API_tutorials/AB_U... 

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