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Undeliverable invoices

How do I know if an invoice is undeliverable?  I've sent one out to a bogus email address to test it out, but never received a notice to the sending email of the invoice.  Thanks!


Re: Undeliverable invoices

Hi @csullivan


The function to post Invoice by e-mail is one of "Notification".
By viewing the history of Notification you can check whether the Invoice was delivered or not.


There are two ways to see the history of Notification:


Method 1. How to view the history of all Notifications:
Billing Setting -> Setup Profiles, Notifications and Email Templates -> Notification History



Method 2. How to view the history of Notification for a specific Account:
Customer Accounts -> (any Account) -> Notification History Section ... at the bottom of the page of Account


Re: Undeliverable invoices

Thank you @yamasaki1ma for your response.  What I am confused about is I purposely sent an invoice to a bogus / non-existant email, and the Result in Notifications states OK.  I know it didn't go through, however.  So how would I know when an email is not delivered?  Thanks!


Re: Undeliverable invoices

> the Result in Notifications states OK
Oh, It's too much for me. Please contact Global Support.
I am sorry I can not help you...