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Re: Transfer Posted Invoice From one Account to another


Transfer Posted Invoice From one Account to another

Hi there, 


I have the following situaiton:


Customer Account 1 owns Subscription 1 and it has been billed for it, generating Invoice 1. Invoice 1 has been posted and it's currently outstanding (hasn't been paid). Customer Account 2 is a different account and Subscription 1 is transferred to Customer Account 2. So at the moment,

- Customer Account 1 has no Subscription and Invoice 1 with balance X;

- Customer Account 2 owns Subscription 1 but cannot be billed because Subscription 1 has been billed originating Invoice 1, which is sitting in Customer Account 1. 


I believe it's not actually possible to "transfer" the Invoice (like we did with the Subscription), correct?


I found another post which seems to have a solution for this; my only problem with this solution is that it recomends adding a One Time charge to the product catalogue, adding the new charge to Subsctiption 1 and re-bill Customer Account 2.


We only have Recurring Charges in our products and we don't want to be adding and extra charge to our products; is it possible to apply this solution but with Recurring Charge instead of One Time? How should I proceed?


Many thanks in advance!





Re: Transfer Posted Invoice From one Account to another

I am curious to know if there is a solution for this.

I am into similar situation, except that I changed the Subscription Invoice Ownership to Account 2.

i.e., Subscription 1 is still under Account 1, but the Invoice Ownership is changed to Account 2 after Invoice 1 is posted under Account 1.

Now, I need to move the Invoice 1 to Account 2, so that Customer Account 2 can pay this Invoice.



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Re: Transfer Posted Invoice From one Account to another

did either of you find a solution to this?