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Re: Tax exempt expiration date not used?


Tax exempt expiration date not used?


Accounts have an tax exempt expiration date on them - which can be seen (and I assume set) via the REST API.  It can also be set by ZQuotes but is not displayed in the UI

Also if set it seems to be ignored - and when an invoice is created, and Avatax used for the tax calculation - there's no tax on the invoice even if the tax exemption is expired.

So is this field expected to be used and work correctly?

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Re: Tax exempt expiration date not used?

Could you help confirm if you are which Tax engine is used, Connect Tax engine or Avalara? Since Avatax is mentioned, I think you are using Connect Tax engine. 

Reference: https://connect.zuora.com/appstore/apps/avalara-avatax-1


Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 11.22.11 AM.png

Could you also login Avalara console, locate the customer account and check if the Tax exempt is set properly? I think that is the key to this issue. 


On Zuora side, indeed there is no tax exempt expiration date in account UI and it exists in API. https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/Object_POSTAccount 


To clarify your concern, the TaxExemptEffectiveDate and TaxExemptExpirationDate fields exist in Zuora WSDL for backward compatibility for custom implementations accessing Zuora. The fields are not used in the Zuora applications, you can consider them as system custom fields and they do not affect the current integration with external tax engines.



Re: Tax exempt expiration date not used?

@Yong Thanks. We're using the real time avalara integration.  This isn't making customer accounts in Avatax - just commited transactions.


I can't understand why this very useful field was removed from use (and also wasn't fully dreprecated and removed from current API versions, but that's a secondary concern!)