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Re: Split invoice for one account per service period

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Split invoice for one account per service period

Hi all,

I briefly explain my issue: our customer A was invoiced on january 1st for recurring charge service period January 1 to January 31 2019, as well as for usage charges for the month of december 2018 (december 1 to december 31 2018).

Now the company name of customer A changed with effect on january 1 2019. The customer is asking to have the usage charge of december 2018 on one invoice with the name of the old company, and the recurring charge of january 2019 to the name of the new company. The customer is based in Germany, and German tax authorities are very picky with this. 

I havent found any way to work around this? Is there a hidden function anywhere?

It would be a great function to have to "split" an existing invoice based on service period for such cases. Any help would be VERY appreciated.


Savvy Scholar

Re: Split invoice for one account per service period

@trevorvogt—While the Account is populated with the old company name, kick off a Bill Run with "Recurring" (and "One time", if applicable) unchecked in the "Filter Charges" section—This should produce an invoice for Usage only. After posting that invoice, update Account with new company name, run new Bill Run—The resulting invoice should pick up the recurring charge(s) and have the new co. name.


If you don't want to go through this dance I would consider just downloading the Word version of the invoice and editing manually.