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Sheduled Payment Run of a Repeating Bill Run

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Sheduled Payment Run of a Repeating Bill Run


I created a New Scheduled or Recurring Bill Run that is going to be repeated everyday.

I created a bill Run BR-00000477 and seclet "Repeats: Daily"


Then I created the associated Scheduled or Recurring Payment Run and I select the option Invoices in Bill Run BR-00000477

ans then "Repeats: Daily"

After that I discover that the everyday a new Bill run is created with a new number ( BR-00000478,  BR-00000479...)

So the Scheduled Payment Run created, do not process the new Invoices created by the Recurring Bill Run.


I want to have the associated Sheduled payment Run in order to authomitize the whole process.

How can I do that?

Zuora Support Moderator

Re: Sheduled Payment Run of a Repeating Bill Run

@blumilary, unfortunately there isn't the option to schedule to a specific bill run and have it automatically tie to the scheduled bill run; as it is currently designed. This sounds like something that may be good to put on the Ideas Board.


In the maentime, may I ask if there's a reason why you are looking to tie the payment run to just those from the latest bill run? Doing so will exclude any potential payments from being collected for anything outside of the invoices generated in that bill run.


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