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Sertifi credit card info not transferring to Zuora quote

Hello - I am interested if anyone else is experiencing the same problem that we are with Sertifi/Salesforce/Zuora.  Normally when our customers enter their credit card information when they sign electronically it flows into Salesforce directly onto the quote page which then will flow through over to Zuora onto their account where we can charge the transcation to their credit card.  However, back in April 2018 this feature stopped working for us in certain cases.  All of our older sales rep's quotes still transfer over fine with all credit card information, however, any of our newer reps the information from credit cards is not flowing properly from Sertifi/Salesforce/Zuora.  Sertifi had us do an update, but that still didn't resolve it.  With three separate vendors involved in this process it is proving hard to get a resolution as it has been 7 months.  Has anyone else experienced this?