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Re: Segregating Clients Among Bill and Payment Run Batches


Segregating Clients Among Bill and Payment Run Batches

I am in the process of designing how our Company will assign client subscriptions to recurring bill and payment runs, and curious to guage how other organizations assign. Could you please share how your Company assigns new clients to batches and why?


Our clients all pay on the first of the month and are located throughout the US. I suppose we could isolate batches based on the client's home state, amount of revenue, subscription term, type of subscription purchased, etc. However, I don't see the benefit of doing this since I don't expect to be analyzing bill and pmt runs. Our Company could simple lump all clients under one bill and one payment run, and use the revenue accounts to determine sources of revenue. This would, of course, be the simplest.


Please share your thoughts.

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Re: Segregating Clients Among Bill and Payment Run Batches

Hi, most common one we see is Bill Cycle Day for obvious reasons, we also see customers using it for tax exemption, geo location, payment methods, etc, driver being the categorization makes management of it easier.

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Re: Segregating Clients Among Bill and Payment Run Batches

Hi, one other common use case that many of our customers use is differentiating between customers who pay your business automatically, and those who send in a manual form of payment. Why the difference in the two batches? If you batch your customers who pay you automatically through a payment run, you may choose not to send them their invoice after the bill run is completed. Think of a service like Spotify and/or Netflix when thinking of these types of transactions. Rarely, do we as consumers of those services ever see an invoice. There is a setting in the bill run that states "Email invoices after Auto-Post is complete", and so you can have your auto-pay customers set in one batch to not have that setting on. 


You can then have your customers who pay by check, cash, wire, etc in another batch that has the setting, "Email invoices after Auto-Post is complete" turned on and that in turn would email invoices out to those users once the bill run is posted.