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Rounding on products with discounts


Rounding on products with discounts

Hi all,


According to:



When calculating taxes in a billing process, decimal precision is not lost, the precision is lost when adding the tax amount to the total amount of the invoice, according to the decimal precision set up for the currency.


But I would need to now if the same happens for discount application, that is, when calculating the discount amount, decimal precision is not lost, and it's lost when the discounted amount is substracted from the amount of the charge.


My aim is to clearly understand in which points decimal precision is lost during the execution of the standard Zuora billing process 



I would also need to know if the Zuora Billing engine first applies the discounts and then calculates the taxation or the other way round


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Re: Rounding on products with discounts

Rounding and Precision apply to Discount Charge Models too. https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/Billing/Subscriptions/Product_Catalog/B_Charge_Models/B_Discount_C...


As for the sequence of discount and tax, here is one sample. Rating engine generates Discount $(10) first, then get the tax for that Discount which is $(.7). 

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