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Reset number of Consecutive Failed Payments for Payment Method

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Reset number of Consecutive Failed Payments for Payment Method

Due to the worldwide DDos attack to backbone DNS servers on 04/30/2014, some of the Payment gateways were not able to process transactions, which resulted in error messages similar to the one below when doing Payment Runs or processing Payments:


Error: Error processing transaction.-1 - Payment failed due to a processing error, no payment gateway transaction has been made. One possible reason is that Zuora is unable to connect to the gateway. You may be able to resubmit this successfully by trying the payment again.


Going forward, to ensure payment transactions will be processed successfully after the incident, Zuora customers will need to check their Payment Method Retry Rules under Z-Payments Settings. The Payment Method Retry Rules determines the of maximum number failed payments attempts, once that number is reached Zuora will stop using the account's Default Payment Method to perform payment attempts.


If the number of Consecutive Failed Payments has not reached the the maximum number set, you will also need to check the retry interval. With the number entered in the field Do not retry payment if last payment attempt was less than __ hours(s) ago, the system will prevent a payment attempt by Payment Run if the last failed payment was within the last 'number' of hours.


Please also refer to Configure Payment Method Retry Rules in our Knowledge Center for more detailed instructions.  Please take caution when disabling the 'Enable Payment Run retry rules' if you have it enabled prior, because this will let the Payment Run try to attempt payment for Payment Methods that have reached failed limits previously.


Feel free to log a ticket with Zuora Support if you have any questions.

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Zuora Staff

Re: Reset number of Consecutive Failed Payments for Payment Method

Add on: Is there a way to do a mass reset of the "consecutive failed attempts" for all payment methods in our system?


Answer: Yes, you can use SOAP API update() to mass update the field **NumConsecutiveFailures**. You can pass in a maximum of 50 zObjects at a time.




<ns1:zObjects xsi:type="ns2:PaymentMethod">


Helpful article: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/DC_Developers/G_SOAP_API/E1_SOAP_API_Object_Reference/PaymentMetho...

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