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Refund not paid out


Refund not paid out

We have a customer who had a negative balance on their account. In order to issue the refund, I transferred the negative invoice balance to a credit balance and issued a refund on the credit balance. I specified that the refund be paid via the customer's credit card. It is now 3 days later and the customer says they have not received the refund and there is no transaction in our PayPal logs that indicate the refund transaction was ever initiated. I was under the impression that any outstanding refunds would be transacted during the payment run. If that is not the case, what should we be doing to make sure our customers receive their refunds?

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Re: Refund not paid out


We would need more information to further investigate this. We have followed up with you on the support ticket you opened regarding this same issue. Kindly respond back to the support ticket. Thank you.

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