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Refund- Reason Code 311, Chargeback

Hi, I need to refund our client for a payment that was charged a year ago. When I go to process the refund, the kickback message says "Reason Code 311" and then something about the payment already being charged back. The customer had in fact disputed the charge, but we won the case. We now agreed to refund the client. Is there a work-around to this? We need to process this refund, and adjust the invoice balance to zero ASAP.


I am using Vantiv payment gateway. 

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Re: Refund- Reason Code 311, Chargeback

Since the chargeback from 1 year ago has already taken affect, you will no longer be able to process an electronic refund from Zuora for the reference payment.


Per Vantiv's response code matrix, "The deposit is already referenced by a chargeback; therefore, a refund cannot be processed against the original transaction. (See page 5 on the following Vantiv document: https://www.litle.com/mc-secure/Response_Codes_All_V2.27.pdf) This means that the referenced payment has already been reversed in Vantiv.


We have 2 workarounds for this:


1) You can close out the invoice then transfer the amount to credit balance. You can then refund the credit balance for the amount of the original payment. This is known as a "Non-referenced" Refund where the refund is not dependent on the original transaction.


However, not all payment gateways support Non-Referenced refunds. In this case, proceed to option 2:


2) Process an EXTERNAL REFUND against the original payment, in oppose to an electronic refund. The external refund will not process the refund back to your customer through the Vantiv payment gateway, but it will allow you to record the transaction in your Zuora tenant. This action will reopen the invoice balance which you will have to adjust the Invoice Items to "Zero them out" (write-off the invoice).



Lastly, to refund the customer, the quickest way to accomplish this would be to process a refund directly in your Vantiv gateway (most payment gateways provide a virtual terminal to perform these transactions) however you may need to obtain your customer's full payment information to do this.



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