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Rate Plan Charge Category



Is it possible to add categories at the rate plan charge level like you can at the product level? We would like to use this category for financial reporting. Preferably with a customizable list. 




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Re: Rate Plan Charge Category

At this time we do not have categories at the rate plan charge level like we do at the product level. 


If you feel that your idea would be beneficial and would like to convey this to our product team, I would recommend submitting a request for enhancement under our Community ‘Product Ideas’: https://community.zuora.com/t5/Subscription-Management-Ideas/idb-p/Subscription_Management_Ideas


You can post your feature request and solicit direct input from the Product Management Team. You can also vote on features and post comments. The Product Management Team actively monitors the community and provides updates on feature requests when available.

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Re: Rate Plan Charge Category

@hbruzus You can create a custom picklist field on the Rate Plan Charge and give it any values that you wish. Then you will be able to report on those values.

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Re: Rate Plan Charge Category

Thanks! Can you point me to a Knowledge Center article that would walk me through that process? Or do I need to get Support to implement?


Re: Rate Plan Charge Category

Here you go: 



You will want to use an Indexed field (you get 10 of them) as this allows for faster querying during reporting operations.


Additionally, note that if you use Salesforce you can create a custom field on the rate plan charge in Salesforce and Zuora will sync them. This way you can run reports from within Zuora or Salesforce.