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Question on Filters charges

Hi everyone,


Can i ask a few of questions regarding creation of new bill run? For filters charges, will it make any difference if i choose one time / recurring / usage ? Can someone explain me with example as well? Thanks in advance.Capture.PNG


Zuora Product Team

Re: Question on Filters charges

The filters are there in the event a rate plan carries multiple rate plan charge types. In Zuora there are 3 rate plan charge types: One-Time, Recurring, and Usage. Checking all of these charge types for the filter option simply means you want the charges from all 3 types to be picked up by the bill run for generating the invoice. If you only check one of the charge types, only the data from the charges that are the selected charge type will be taken/picked up for the invoice. This same logic applies if you run a bill run for multiple accounts.


Screen Shot 2020-03-12 at 6.15.23 PM.png

In the picture above, this rate plan (Rate Plan 1) has 3 charges. These charges fall under two charge types (One-Time and Recurring). If you were to run a bill run for an account that has a Rate Plan 1 subscription on a product and you only checked the "Recurring" box, only charge 3 would show up on the invoice.  Since charges 1 and 2 are One-Time charges and you did not check the One-Time charges box, these charges will not show up on the invoice.