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Processed usage in case of cancelling bill run

We have a lot of usage that wasn't billed and it is still pending because of wrong dates. I would like to change the dates and get the pending usage on same invoices all the rest are. If I cancel (and delete) the bill run, what will happen to processed usage? Are they un-processed or completely lost?


Or is there any other way to get the pending usage to already existing invoice drafts?



Zuora Staff

Re: Processed usage in case of cancelling bill run

If you cancel the bill run the usage uploaded would again get back to pending status and can be considered again for billing.


Going by what you had mentioned you can try On-Demand billing rating and bill the usage which falls on a different billing period and bring it under one invoice, because as a normal behavior usage is always billed at the end of the usage charge’s billing period.


In cases like what you have specified, you can use on-demand usage rating and bill all the unbilled usage which is in pending status and bring it under one invoice.


Note: This would work only if the pricing model of the product was set up with either Per Unit or Tiered Pricing model. 


To know more about on-demand usage rating visit the KC link https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CB_Billing/J_Billing_Operations/Usage/A_On-Demand_Usage_Rating





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Re: Processed usage in case of cancelling bill run

Thanks for the help!


Another question regarding usage. Is there any way to find out why some usage wasn't processed but is still pending?


It is frustrating to make a bill run and find out that there are some same product usage still pending even though all the dates etc should be correct. For example customer has 10 records of usage and all is in Zuora but only 8 records has been processed and two are still pending and no way of knowing why and how to get those to the invoice.

Zuora Staff

Re: Processed usage in case of cancelling bill run

I believe there must be some data within those 2 records being incorrect or else I don't see a reason behind 2 records alone left unprocessed out of 10 records uploaded.


To do a check I request you to copy the data from the above 8 processed and edit out those 2 records with relevant values before performing a bill run.