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Pricing structure with less than 1 cent


Customer is asking if Zuora can support pricing structure with < 1 cent on a charge? Like if costs that are less than one cent?  (Ex. 0.0025?)

They are looking for this pricing structure for usage with tiered pricing. As I know, we can create subscription with price being in x numbers after decimals. But invoicing will have a limit of rounding to 2 places.

Has anyone come across this scenario and which settings need to tweaked or turned on for this?


Zuora Staff

Re: Pricing structure with less than 1 cent

You can set the rate plans with the decimal places more than 2, but you will need also have the rounding an precision enabled and decimal places set in the billing settings. The invoicing will only be in 2 decimal places.





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Re: Pricing structure with less than 1 cent

Thanks, Monique