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Payment Page 2.0 (Advanced Integration) External Button Questions

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Payment Page 2.0 (Advanced Integration) External Button Questions

I am trying to convert an existing Payment Page 2.0 internal button to an external button implementation. Unfortunately, it has been more difficult than I would have thought because you have to have a callback page instead of a callback function (I would be interested to understand why this is necessary).


My issue is that callback page is still in the IFrame of the PP2, and I am getting a "Refused to display {url} in a frame because it set multiple 'X-Frame-Options' headers with conflicting values ('DENY, SAMEORIGIN'). Falling back to DENY." I am not setting this header myself, so either the framework (Asp.Net 4.6) or the webserver (IIS) are doing it. 


The documentation does not really mention that callback page will still be in the IFrame. Any way to make the callback page call to the whole page, not just the IFrame? 


Any ideas how to get around this without opening the site up to cross-posting?


Thanks in advance.