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Overview of Credit Card Payments in Zuora?

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Overview of Credit Card Payments in Zuora?

Is there anyone out there with experiences on credit card payments? I'm not sure if I didn't look hard enough, but couldn't immediately find any articles describing how this works.


Any direction would be appreciated.

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Re: Overview of Credit Card Payments in Zuora?



The following knowledge center article covers Zuora's Payment Operations. There are many articles within this article link to read up on: https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CB_Billing/K_Payment_Operations


Also, searching for keyword "credit card" in the knowledge center can also find more articles pertaining to Credit Card payments. Here are a few articles that come up:


Credit Card Verification Options

Credit Card Payment Retry Rules

Credit Card Pre-Authorization Rules


If you have a particular question regarding Credit Card Payments please let us know.

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