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One month free at the beginning of a subscription


One month free at the beginning of a subscription

Our Sales team would like to start offering one month free of a subscription instead of offering a percentage discount.  My finance team would like to handle this by making a 13 month subscription with the first month free that renews into a 12 month subscrition.  The renewal date would be 12 months from the date they customer started paying for their subscription.  For example:


  • Dell signs up for an annual subscription on July 1, and their Sales Consultant offered them their first month free
  • Deal fulfillment is on July 1, 2017 and the month of January is free
  • The PAID part of Dell's subscription starts on August 1, 2017
  • The RENEWAL of Dell's subscription in on August 1, 2018 and its for a 12 month subscription - no free months


Is this possible?  I have tried doing something like this before with fixed discounts, but it prorates the dollar amount off and I don't want to have to customize the dollar amount for each subscription that we give 1 month free.  I just want it to be a free month.  

Any thoughts?  Thanks!

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Re: One month free at the beginning of a subscription

Hi @hdeschamps , my first suggestion would be a one month long percentage discount, could you elaborate what's not feasible with this approach?


My configuration for your described scenario would be something like this:


Subscription's initial term = 13 months, renewal term = 12 months


The Rate Plan added has 2 charges: a monthly charge and a 100% discount that is ending after the first month:




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