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Load Usage on Accounts with Expired Subscriptions

We've recently run into a situation where we loaded usage against an account with an expired subscription.  The good news is the customer was not invoiced, the bad news is the system doesn't alert you that you are loading usage on an account that does not have an active subscription.  What's the best practice for catching this scenario?  Is there a way to setup an alert to notifiy anyone?  I know I can generate a report that will highlight any unprocessed usage after a bill run, but was hoping to catch it a little earlier in the process.


Re: Load Usage on Accounts with Expired Subscriptions

Hi @jgallinagh


I feel a sense of familiarity Cat Happy
I also had exactly the same experience with you in my project.
My solution was to run a Report that searches for any unprocessed usage after Bill Run, as you have mentioned.


I share with you the functionality of Zuora I expect for "to catch it a little earlier in the process": the Notifications on Any Event feature.
For details please read this post:


I hope that if you use this function you will be able to create a Notification triggered by "imported Usage Subscription is Expiered".