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Known issue: Two labels have incorrect "for" attribute in iFrame HTML code

Known Issue: Two labels have incorrect "for" attribute in iFrame HTML code.

Within the HTML of Zuora's hosted payment page, the following labels are incorrectly associated with the wrong input field. This means there ends up being 3 labels for the expiration month field, and no labels for the expiration year or the expiration date group. Below are the two labels that have an incorrect "for" attribute:
<LABEL class="form-label required" id="form-label-creditCardExpirationMonth" for="input-creditCardExpirationMonth">
Expiration date
<LABEL class="form-label form-label-year" for="input-creditCardExpirationMonth">

This issue makes it difficult for people using screen readers to navigate this form.

Status: Zuora Engineering is planning to fix the issue in release 201

Reference Number: PAY-7658

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