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[Known Issue] Credit Memo being locked but no transaction could be seen from the UI

Issue Description:

When trying to refund a credit memo, below error has been returned

The transaction CreditMemo with id xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx has been locked by another transaction, you may have to wait for sometime and try again later.

But under the credit memo, there is no any related transaction displayed.


Root Cause:

There is a known issue that Processing refund will not be displayed in UI under the Credit Memo.

So if there is already an electronic refund created on the Credit Memo and the refund has been stuck at the status of Processing, the Credit Memo will be locked and cannot be seen from the Credit Memo UI. 



When the above error happens, please wait for a while and try the refund operation again. If you're still seeing the same error after 5 minutes, there is a big chance that you've encountered this issue.

To find out the previous refund which stuck at Processing status, you could try either of the below methods:


A. check for Processing Refund record from the refund list of the customer account


(please replace 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' with the Customer Account id)


B. export refund with below filter through Data Source Export

Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 7.34.46 PM.png


After the Processing refund is located, please refer to below post to update its status to set it to its real status:



Internal Ticket Number(for tracking): SET-2383

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