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[KNOWN ISSUE]: Results from “Export Credit Balance Transactions” may be inconsistent

Known issue: 

The exported excel reports from “Export Credit Balance Transactions” may be inconsistent even at the same time period, some data are missing.


The issue happens when:

 - Navigate to Zuora UI -> Payments -> payments -> Export Credit Balance Transactions
 - Click “Export Credit Balance Transactions” to download the first report.
 - Once downloading complete, click it again to trigger the second downloading. 

Expected result: Two reports should be consistent.

Actual result: Two reports may be inconsistent, at least one of them miss data.



The Credit Balance Transactions Export function has been deprecated, as mentioned at top of Data Exports, 'This feature is deprecated and is not enabled by default.' 



Zuora strongly recommends that you use Credit Balance Adjustment data source and related Objects to export the expected data.


Reference Number: SET-1696

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