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[KNOWN ISSUE] Invoice Source displayed incorrectly

Known Issue: When an Invoice is created by API call and later on is processed again by another Bill Run, the Invoice detail page will display as "API by BR-000000xxx" (BR number is not clickable, source still says API). 


How to reproduce the issue: 


- Create a subscription with a Usage charge;

- Invoice this subscription via API , source will say: API by username@zuora.com

- Leave the invoice in Draft

- Add usage to the subscription

- Create a Bill Run for this Account, Invoice source will display: API by BR-00000xxx (BR number is not clickable, source still says API)


Status: Zuora Engineering Team is currently working to fix this issue.


Reference Number: BIL-19586


Workaround:  This issue impacts data source export as Invoices processed by Bill Run will not be reflected correctly. The workaround is to use only SourceId as the filter to query or count the number of invoices generated in a Bill Run. 

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