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[KNOWN ISSUE] HPM2.0 page redirected to a blank page after submit

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[KNOWN ISSUE] HPM2.0 page redirected to a blank page after submit



Recently, we received reports from some customers that HPM2.0 redirects the callback page to a blank page after R205 was deployed.


https://api.zuora.com/apps/PublicHostedPaymentMethodPage.do for production.

https://apisandbox.zuora.com/apps/PublicHostedPaymentMethodPage.do for APISandbox.






1.Open the developer console of the browser to get the submitPage request from the network tab when submit the form. You will see the information similar to below screenshot.

Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 3.44.57 PM.png


2. Check if there is any invalid field parameter in the request and make sure all of the field parameters should be exactly the same as the ones described in below article.




For example, the correct field for email should be 'field_email'. If it is 'field_emails', it will encount the problem.





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