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Issue with additional Key Contacts


Issue with additional Key Contacts

Hi team,


What happens to any additional contacts we add to Key Contacts (exlcuding Bill to/Sold to) once we add them in Zuora? Is there a rule for only one primary Bill To contact? 


Here are our more detailed questions:


1. PDF invoices are sent to Additional person only when we do it manually. So every month, one of the Key contacts comes back to us and reports they haven't received it automatically. 

2. Can the additional email address be in CC field and not in To field? 

3. Does additional email address also receives notifications (reminders)?


Many thanks in advance! 




Re: Issue with additional Key Contacts

Maybe @Richard can help with this one. I saw another post he responded to that may clarify some of the questions: https://community.zuora.com/t5/Billing-Payments/Account-with-Multiple-SoldToContacts/td-p/23339


I also found this that may be helpful: https://community.zuora.com/t5/Billing-Payments/How-do-I-send-an-Invoice-PDF-to-multiple-email-addre...

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Re: Issue with invoices automatically sending to additional email addresses

Good morning,


I have added additional email addressses to my customer accounts,invoice delivery preferences are set as email.  I have to however manually email the invoices, the system does not do it automatically.  Is there another setting that is required for this to happen. More and more customers are requesting their invoices be sent to different divisions and having to set tasks and send manually is very time consuming. I saw this question has been asked earlier but was unable to find an answer that was relative. Lorraine