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Issue displaying Canadian dollar symbol on Invoice Template

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Issue displaying Canadian dollar symbol on Invoice Template




I have encountered an issue with Zuora's currency label when uploading our invoice template. I'm trying to program an exchange rate to appear for current countries and currencies. When I'm converting from USD to any currency it works as expected because USD is showing as the symbol ($). But when I'm converting from CAD (for example) to any currency I get an undefined bookmark error. This is because Zuora is not using the Canadian dollar symbol but "CAD" so the code thinks it's a text field rather than a numeric value. Screenshots attached.

Because of this bug, we won't be able to deploy two taxable countries to sell to customers.

Please advise.


Invoice template setup:



Invoice PDF:



As per Zuora application logic, Zuora template displays the currency symbol based on the Locale in the Communication profile. Eg. If the customer account's Currency and locale is United States, Currency will be $; If the customer account's Currency is CAD and locale is United States, currency will be displayed as CAD. If locale is set to English(Canada), CAD will be displayed as Canadian Dollar symbol. This applies for other Country currency as well. If Locale is English - (United Kingdom), EURO will be displayed as €.

In this case, since the NON-USD accounts is in TEXT format and When trying to do some manipulation like multiplying, the WORD file is considering it as multiply TEXT with Numeric value. Thus it throws the error, which is expected.


This can be addressed by 2 ways:


1. Change the Customer Account's Locale to the Country as per requirement. If Customer Account's Currency is CAD, change the profile to Communication profile's Locale to English(Canada).



2. If by chance, Communication profile wanted to be in English(United States) for some reasons, but still you want to display the CAD account in the template, we need to first convert the currency into Numerical values and then multiply the value as desired.


({= {MERGEFIELD InvoiceItem.AmountWithoutTax \#, 0.00}*3.6731}AED)





Attached the template for reference.

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