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Invoice number on a credit note

Hi Zuora Community!
Why, when Zuora automatically creates a Credit Memo from a net negative billing, is it it not automatically linked to the invoice it was created from? Is there a way to achieve this?

- Customer Buys Product A and is invoiced 
- Customer Uses his right of withdrawal within 14 days 
- Subscription is cancelled to the Contract Effective Date 
- Billrun is done for this customer 
- Credit Memo is generated for the full amount of the invoice (WITHOUT reference to the original invoice) 
- Credit memo is applied to the invoice

In Europe, generally the Credit Memo (as should a Debit Memo e.g. Dunning fees) should refer to the document it is generated from.


Support SME

Re: Invoice number on a credit note

I checked this in my sandbox. After Credit memo is applied to the invoice, the CM is related to the invoice. In my sample, CM00000009 is Related Invoice: INV00000042. If further assistance is needed, you can raise a support ticket with us at support.zuora.com and we will be glad to assist you further. Thanks.