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Invoice Template Fields

I am trying to have a simple field to display the 'Invoice Current Balance' (Less payments towards the invoice, CBA's, and adjustments - I cannot find a field that actually works for this. There is a 'Invoice.Balance' field, but its just the total not considering payments.... 


Re: Invoice Template Fields

Also, I want to pull in payment info, such as transaction ID, Reference ID, and Payment method (CC, Check, ACH, etc)those are all depricated fields..... AHHHH!!!

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Re: Invoice Template Fields

@bbooth1986 - the mergefield <invoice.balance> houses the value at the time of invoice generation. Let's say you've applied a credit to the invoice and would like to see the new balance and have it present to your customer this way, please regenerate the invoice.


As for your second question about payment transaction info that has been deprecated, though we make recommendations to use the Transaction Table where possible, you can try using the old Payment ones. I've done some testing on my own sandbox to verify and it looks like they all work. Our PM team is working to add those additional fields to the Transaction table that will fill the gaps left by deprecating the Payment table, and until then the Payment table is still available to use.


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