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International Billing Obstacles

My company is planning on billing customers in the UK through Zuora.  My understanding is that credit cards are not the customary method of payment.  I beleive the majority of customers  (for low-dollar subscriptions) prefer to pay via the UK equivalent of an ACH.  However, I've also heard that me would need to establish a bank account in that country to accept such payment.


I was curious if anyone else has expanded into the UK, what you see as the preferred payment method, and whether there are any obstacles to receiving such payments.  





Zuora Staff

Re: International Billing Obstacles

While Direct Debit if a far more common payment method in Europe than ACH is in the US, there are Zuora European customers who only accept payment by credit card. But more allow both and let the end customer decide which they prefer to use. Are you using a gateway that Zuora has DD support? File a support ticket to get an updated list of applicable gateways. Be sure to list all the countries you are interested in expanding into.
I don't believe you have to have a bank account in the country, but you probably would want one if you're charging a small amount each txn. None of this has anything to do with Zuora, but you'll likely pay an FX fee for each DD or CC charge if you insist on having only a USD merchant account. Say you were in the UK, would you rather exchange $20 each day and pay $5 in FX fees each day or would you change $200 on your first day and make it last and pay maybe $10 in FX fees?
But this is like tax or the law, we here at Zuora are billing experts, sadly not FX, tax or legal experts. Rest assured we'll support whatever you want to do, but respectfully you really need to talk to actual experts in this field, probably starting with your bank. Better yet, talk to your bank's competitors and make sure they all know it Smiley Happy
Regardless I'm sure there are Zuora customers with opinions and experiences they can share! 
Community Manager

RE: International Billing Obstacles

You might wish to consider GoCardless, GlobalCollect, and Adyen. Both GoCardless and GlobalCollect support UK Direct Debit, whilst all three support SEPA.


For further details please refer to below KC articles:


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