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Info for Payment for usage data with draft invoice state

I've configured a product with a rate plans depending on usage charge.
The usage charge are event generated by one system based on the usage of the customer.
For examples could be a phone call duration (seconds) made by customer.
I want to post invoice to my customer every end day of the month.
For this reason the invoice remain open till the end of month.
Is it possible to billing this usage data just after they are posted into Zuora?
(Yes I think is possible creating a new bill payment run) and then create a new process payment with the amount of the previous billed data?
In all my tests it is not possible.
When I create a payment the amount is set to 0.00 and not modifiable.
I must post the invoice e just after create a new payment for this invoice.
Is there a particular configuration in order to do this behaviour?
To summarize:
I want to pay as soon as the usage data are posted in Zuora but the invoice must be remain open and posted only at the end of the month.
In this manner when I post the invoice the amount of the invoice is already payed by the customer. It  payed the usage as soon as he/she use the service.