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Re: How to retire a Rate Plan Charge?

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How to retire a Rate Plan Charge?

We have had a request from our business to revise some of the charges that exist on rate plans.

We currently have rate plans that have 4 charges and we need to 'retire' one of the charges as it is no longer going to be part of the rate plan.  


There are not any end dates associated with the charges and we want to remove them from the rate plans.  Is there a recommended best practice to retiring a charge that exists on a rate plan?


Notes - We could set the list price to $0, but it will still appear in the guided selling and on the quote.

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Re: How to retire a Rate Plan Charge?

Thanks for the question, @billdavis! Let me move this to the Billing and Payments forum so that the right team can look into it.


Thanks again,


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Re: How to retire a Rate Plan Charge?

Hey @billdavis,
Unfortunately we do not have a way to retire just one rate plan charge on a rate plan but you would need to instead retire the entire rate plan and create a new one with just the 3 charges you would need.

I would advise you to test this in your Sandbox org once before you implement this in your Production to make sure none of the existing Subscriptions are impacted. 


Let me know if you have any questions. 


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