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How to pull one object merge field values into another object table?

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How to pull one object merge field values into another object table?



Hi Team,

In the knowledge center, I was able to find that a merge field can be used only once throughout the template. So to achieve our business functionality is it possible to store the invoice.tax in a double/float local variable and then use the local variable where required.

Are there any specific ways to achieve this functionality and if any solutions found, can you please attach some links to support the solutions?




A field can be used several times inside an object table in a template. But in order to use one object field into another object table, there is no straight way to achieve this functionality of using the same field values again inside the template. Hence we need to use OOB functionality to store the values in a variable and use it in other places.

The functionality name is SET and I have used it in my example attached here and the printed PDF.

Steps to use:

  1. Use Ctrl+F9 to insert curly brackets
  2. Type SET and then a variable Name(eg. Taxvalue)
  3. Now insert Mergefield

Then use the variable Taxvalue wherever you want to use in the template.


Sample screenshots for this functionality:


Template Format:


202790 1.JPG



202790 2.JPG


Also attached the sample template for reference.

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