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How to associate email history with account?

I can retrieve the email history through the REST API /v1/notification-history/email but I can't find a robust way to associate each email with an account.  The toEmail field is not quite enough, as it is possible to have the same email associated with multiple contacts / accounts.  For each email in the history, I only get the following fields:


   "result": "OK",
   "errorMessage": null,
   "eventCategory": "2120",
   "notification": "Payment Processed | Payment Processed",
   "subject": "Your payment was successfully processed.",
   "toEmail": "joe.blow@example.com",
   "fromEmail": "no-reply@example.com",
   "cc": "",
   "bcc": "",
   "replyTo": "no-reply@example.com",
   "sendTime": "2019-09-23T23:39:17"
Is there a reliable way to link this to an account?  Clearly the data exists since it is displayed that way in the web interface.