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How to Customize the Notification to Avoid Split Invoices Emailed Out Simultaneously

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How to Customize the Notification to Avoid Split Invoices Emailed Out Simultaneously

Zuora customers some time want to split an invoice and have their customers notified 30 days in advance of the due date for each of the resulting split invoices. See Splitting Invoices for more information on how to split an original draft invoice. This post is to explain how to configure the notification to avoid split invoices emailed out simultaneously. 


When you post one part of a split invoice, or post the bill run for a split invoice, all of the split invoices will be posted at the same time. The Invoice Posted notification could be triggered and acts on all of the split invoices at once, causing confusion to your customer. However, you can take following steps to customize the notification to email split invoices separately.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Billing. Click Setup Profiles, Notifications and Email Templates. Ensure that the "Invoice Posted | Invoice Posted Mannually" notification is not active.
  2. Create an "Invoice Due | 30 Days Before Due" notification. Use the Event Parameters to schedule the notification delivery day the desired number of day(s) before invoice due date, for example 30 days before the invoice due date. Enable the notification by checking the box for Active field. Click Save.
  3. Post the split invoices manually.

Now that the standard Invoice Posted notification will not be scheduled, your customer will not receive multiple invoice posted e-mail messages simultaneously. However, the Invoice Due notification for every split invoice will be sent out separately, ensuring timely notifications of pending due dates for all split invoices.