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Re: How is the daily rate calculate?

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How is the daily rate calculate?

When adding services to an existing subscription via an amendment the customer gets charged a prorated amount based on the start date of the added service and the existing services that have already been billed.


I have never been able to come up with the same dollar amount that is billed in Zuora.  I constantly have customers asking where that amount came from and insisting the amount is incorrect.


Can I get a detailed explanation of how this is done?  



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Re: How is the daily rate calculate?

Hi @smdavis,


It's better to have a sample subscription/invoice to disucss the details of the calculation. You can open a ticket with Zuora support.




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Re: How is the daily rate calculate?

@smdavis,Zuora also documents the pro-ration calculation in our KC here:



There's a couple of examples included, but as the KC points out the exact results can vary based on tenant settings, so be sure to check your tenant against the settings mentioned in the KC page. 

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