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Hosted payment pages

New Student

Hosted payment pages

Good afternoon,
I have question regarding the hosted payment pages. If I'm not mistaken, if we integrate zuora hosted pages in our website through an iframe, when the submit is triggered, the payment method is created and the ID is returned if everything went well.

My question is, are we able to collect the payment and generate an invoice without creating the customer account/contact? Or should I first call zuora subscribe and then transfer the payment method that was created on submit to the account? 
Thanks in advance

Zuora Staff

Re: Hosted payment pages

It'll be the latter of your two options, you have to have a billing account and subscription to raise an invoice, and the expectation is that you'll add the payment method either to the subscribe call or update the billing account shortly there after. That payment method call, while successful and having created a payment method object in Zuora is considered an orphan payment method and if you don't later associate it with a billing account Zuora will delete it after a few days for security.