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Re: HPM and charging with URL on Invoice


HPM and charging with URL on Invoice



Use case: As a vendor I provide a service, and charge the Customer for it with a URL in the Invoice. I do not have a website where the customer can log in and view the invoice. What are the differnent ways in which I can electronically charge the customer by presenting the HPM page?


Is it possible to configure a URL and present it in the Invoice, such that, when the recepient clicks on the URL in the invoice, he is presented with the HPM page and is able to make a payment against the Invoice# and Account?

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Re: HPM and charging with URL on Invoice

Hi Tarun, 


Did you get any answers to this question? We have a similar use-case where we'd like to put a payment capture method on an invoice so that our customers can opt to pay that way. 





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Re: HPM and charging with URL on Invoice


High level there are two ways of doing this:


1. Payment Pages 2.0 (HPM)

You can embed a custom URL on the invoice which directs to your webpage which has the HPM iframe embedded, enabling the customer to enter the payment method which then can be directed to Zuora.


Best Practice: 

Its highly recommended to: 

  • capture the payment method upfront during the initial order and use payment run functionality to automate the collections process.
  • have customers not skip the log in stage for various fraud protection, security and lead generation reasons. 

2. Self Service Portal 

Zuora offers a self-service portal add-on (https://connect.zuora.com/appstore/apps/subscriber-self-care-portal-1) that you can invest in, to take care of the complete end-to-end signup/checkout process seamlessly for you.


Hope this helps!

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Re: HPM and charging with URL on Invoice

Thanks Tejal, 


I've been discussing those options within our company. The feedback has been that whilst we offer the same payment capture methods on quotes, we get a number of our customers paying invoices by credit card and it helps reduce the workload of our payment team by having the payment link on our invoices. 


we have a payment capture link (from HPM 2.0) on our invoices, which successfully update payment methods on the account. We'd like to trigger immediate payment of an invoice when that payment method is updated. Any thoughts on how this could be achieved? 





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Re: HPM and charging with URL on Invoice

Hi @damonwitherick 


Did you get a response, or a working solution to this issue?


We have just come up against a similar requirement.