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Re: Generating PayPal BAID using REST API

Hi Patrick,


Is there any update on this? 

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Jonathan Rankin

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Re: Generating PayPal BAID using REST API

 Hello, I am from the zuora engineer team.  Currently Zuora is using the NVP API which is deprecated with Braintree REST API. so for the BAID, in our KC, it is based on the NVP API to create the BAID before calling create payment method in zuora.  It may use the REST API to create the BAID, but we did not verify it yet. from our side, recommend you to keep to use the NVP API instead of the REST API to create the BAID even though it is deprecated. we will add new Paypal API integration into our development Pipleline. Please let me know if i answer all of your questions.

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Re: Generating PayPal BAID using REST API

Hi,  I had conversation with PayPal support and these are the steps how to integrate 

  1. Complete these steps to link your PayPal sandbox to Braintree sandbox
  2. Follow the PayPal vault flow integration guide and implement the Javascript. You will receive the nonce and the other PayPal details such as shipping, email, first and last name. optionally the customers phone number and billing address can also be shared if required.
  3. You will use the nonce to create a customer.  You can optionally pass back the billing, shipping etc to us if you like.  The response will contain a PayPal account object which will contain the billing agreement IDPayPal.pngSequence Diagram
    aka BAID
  4. You can then Pass BAID, name and addresses to Zuora to create the first time charge and setup the recurring profile.

Hope this helps.