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Generate one Invoice for 366 days against a Quote

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Generate one Invoice for 366 days against a Quote


Business users are expecting One Invoice for 366 days against a Quote but there are 2 Invoices created against the Subscription (Current Term: 366 days, Contract effective date 02/29/2020, Next renewal date 03/01/2021)

INV1 -- 02/29/2020 to 02/27/2021 -- 124,831.00
INV2 -- 02/28/2021 to 02/28/2021 -- 342.00


Is the proration change is due to the Leap year-end date on the subscription?

Can you please look into the issue and suggest how the Invoice can be generated as described in the description.



The invoice is being created for 365 days is due to the Billing period on the rate plan charge is configured as "Annual". 

In order to have the invoice created for 366 days, the billing period should be set as a "Subscription Term". 
We tried replicating the scenario in our local sandbox, we were able to create an invoice for 366 days when the billing period is "Subscription Term".  

If an invoice has been already generated, please update the Billing period to "Subscription Term" and try generating the invoice.
Steps to be followed:
1. Cancel the invoice. 
2. Using Remove Product Amendment, remove the product. 
3. Using the Add product Amendment, add the product by updating the Billing period to "Subscription Term". 

Note: When the Billing Period is "Subscription Term", the List price should be set as Price/Month. It will not allow being a Price/Billing Period. 

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