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Fields "Customer Name" and "Invoice Owner" in Invoice Template

Hey all

In our cases the "Invoice Owner" can be another Account than the customer with the field "Customer name". In Zuora I have the two separate fields while add a new subscription. But how I can access to this in my Invoice Template? 
I think tha "Customer Name" is just «Account.Name» but what is the field for the "Invoice Owner"? Or ist "Invoice owner" in that case the «Account.Name»? But then how I can access to the "Invoice Owner"?


Thanks a lot for any ideas!


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Re: Fields "Customer Name" and "Invoice Owner" in Invoice Template



Here is the link with the template field names that you use to update your template in your settings:




Here are the instructions on how to update your template with these merge fields:




Please let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you!

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